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Incense are plant-derived substances that when burned produce fragrant scents. Incense have been used for millennia throughout numerous cultures for various purposes (religion, celebrations, family gatherings, meditation, pleasant aromas, health benefits, etc)


We will use types of incense useful for promoting a calming and peaceful atmosphere, reducing stress, and relaxing the mind and body. 


Disclaimer: smoke incense may not be suitable for those with underlying respiratory or heart conditions, or in a household with an asthmatic cat. Please inform us if this is the case so we can be prepared to use alternatives, such as an essential oil diffuser.

Rose Quartz

Commonly referred to as the “heart stone,” rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. This crystal promotes all forms of love, as well as compassion, harmony, and joy. It promotes emotional healing from deep trauma or grief.


We have included this engraved gemstone as a representation of the unceasing/endless loving bond between you and your pet loved one, and to help your heart heal during a difficult and emotional time.

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